1880 until today – a family history

It was back in 1887 when Viktor was born, just 7 years after his father founded his own distillery and cooperage to build his own casks.
At the age of 18 Viktor decided to follow his father and went travelling to learn more about spirits and the art of making casks.
After a while he returned back home to join his father following his way of working.
His love to spirits made him produce his own fine spirits and age them in his casks.
Until today 5 generations followed his path.

The 5th Generation had an own dream of producing and ageing a fine rum which is only matured in well selected casks and neither sweetened nor artificially couloured,
both in cask strength and regular strength. The idea of a natural aged rum which is not created but crafted by hand and nature.

On the label you can see Viktor while building a cask, with his hat, his beart and his smile that he always showed while he was working in his cooperage.
El Ron del Artesano is something unique and an hommage to the work of the craftsman.
It is completely bottled and labeled by hand, selected from the best rum casks of Panama, which are aged in the families own warehouse.
This rum shows the art of ageing and the work of the cooper, a piece of art, every bottling with its own character, but always trying to offer the best possible quality and flavour without any added artificial aromas.
An extraordinary quality, made to put you a smile on your face like Viktor’s.